The complexity of automotive and IoT systems is experiencing a notable escalation as a consequence of the collaboration and joint efforts of multiple vendors, thus reflecting a highly intricate technological landscape.

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Cyber Security Software Application for Automotive and IoT.

Our Vision: SIAMO's vision is to deliver cutting-edge security alerts for embedded software applications in the automotive and IoT industries, leveraging our proprietary technology using anomaly detection. Our mission is to set a new standard in cybersecurity for these rapidly-evolving sectors, and to empower our clients with the tools they need to protect their products, customers, and brand reputation.

We have developed a malware intrusion detector that utilizes our proprietary anomaly detection algorithms. This detector is seamlessly integrated into the software code of the electronic control unit in vehicles, enabling automatic detection and prevention of potential malware intrusions.

We Provide Cyber-Security Solutions

The company was founded by three experienced executives.

Securing software, codes, and vehicle communication networks is a significant and incredibly critical concern for automakers and chipmakers.

Increasing complexity and connectivity to external networks make cars more vulnerable to attacks that could compromise passenger safety.